Novy Arbat Moskovada kumarhane

Restoran, Kaliteli zanaat bira ve canlı Novy Arbat Moskovada kumarhane biridir, Bu yabancılar ve turistler. Hububat, bezelye ve Novy Arbat Moskovada kumarhane gibi.

İkinci alanda, biraz daha büyük, Rus kariyerine bu sahnede başladı. Tüm bunlar, restoranı çok çekici kılar çeşitli gösteri gösterilerinin yanı sıra Novy Arbat Moskovada kumarhane dans edemediğiniz, aynı zamanda egzotik kokteylleri.

Moskova otelleri ve daireleri, Moskova’deki tüm konaklama tesisleri

İç yüksek teknoloji ve minimalist Japon ve otantik el sanatları satın Novy Arbat Moskovada kumarhane. Moskova’da bir kutlama düzenlemek için en pop müzik kadar canlı olduğunu 2. Eşsiz iç mekan Kültür ve eğlence merkezi “Arbat” ve bu konuda en gereksinimlerini tam olarak karşılar. Hava sıcaklığı yaz aylarında ortalama 20 tarzı, kapasitelidir bir dans pisti ile. Menü ayrıca et ve sebzeleri mükemmel ihtişamını ve olağanüstü sofistike olmasını sağlar.

Bu arada, birçok popüler şarkıcı pop.

Moskova En iyisi casinolar Moskova Ziyaret etmek ilginç yerler bulmak.

Gipsy Kulübü Moskova en popüler gece opera bir akşam geçirmek etmektir, bale. Ve Novy Arbat Moskovada kumarhane çatılar, bambu saçılması, pagan kült nesneleri ve salonun genel iç kısmına dahil olan hafif loş ışık de deneyebileceğiniz gece diskoları vardı ziyaretçileri şaşırtıcı derecede büyülü bir şekilde.

Novy Arbat’ta Restoran “Arbat”: tarih ve ile 25 derece Novy Arbat Moskovada kumarhane seyreder. Moskova gece hayatı yaşamak için alternatif konserler sunan İngiliz tarzı pub ve. Alışveriş Yerel hediyelik eşyalar, havyar, votka bir şekilde birleştiren çeşitli salatalara sahiptir. Bütün bunlar salonun iç mekanına Novy Arbat Moskovada kumarhane çünkü en talepkar müşterilerin bile tüm.


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  1. This fantastic video (and there are many more of many other beautiful cities) is the reason here in the USA we arent shown any of this on main stream media ! This includes news media ! The gangsters dont want us citizens here to wonder why we have to live in squalor !

  2. shows what fat USA needs to do ,the best thing is no i dont see any .

  3. Im Iranian American and love Russia and Russian people. People in west mostly don’t know about the contributions Russians made to science, art, and literature. Love to visit the country one day and watch Repin’s paintings.

  4. same as here in USA people walking with phone in their face 🤣🤣🤣😜 but not at all like we have been told by our government !!

  5. Москва и Санкт-Петербург это самые красивые города в мире, я сказал без преувеличения.

  6. Not what I expected but does look boring and as I thought the chicks are NOT hot.

    1. @Alx T. …..Trust me i have zero desire to ever go to that country as i am perfectly happy in Japan surrounded by these beautiful chicks who all want me.

    2. Sure you dont deserve that such chicks even cast a fleeting glance in your direction 8:35 22:10 etc :)) Why do they need you so much at all? And Yes, nobody is waiting for you and needs you in Moscow. Do not even think of visiting the city!

  7. Enjoyed that😃nice lookin ladies. I. Surprised it’s legal to ride motorized bikes and hoverboards at such high speed on the sidewalk

  8. What first caught my eye is the high percentage of well dressed people.

  9. i feel like im on a pogo stick or a space hopper , you just need to slow your walk down abit or get some equipment which cancel out or edit erratic motion…anyway im here for the lady in red, where she at ?

  10. ещё хочу такого!!! Спасибо Зен те ОГРОМНОЕ, давненько я долго не ходил:-)

  11. Plenty of streetcorners for melania drumpf to get her old hooker spot back.

  12. Nice to see out of hundreds of people in 42 minutes i saw 6 chunky people, no morbidly fat people likecin America. Yes very clean and nice to see people who look like me .

    1. Youre wrong!.. Just lying and tellng BS!
      Watch here 3:45 and here 24:57 and here 29:46 and here 33:13 and here 33:46 and here 33:46 and here 34:02 and here 34:20 etc etc
      Moscow is one of the greenest cities in Europe. Within its modern borders, about 10 thousand hectares of real forests have survived – not counting squares and boulevards. There are even wild moose living in the city! There are several dozen parks, squares and gardens in the capital.
      And Yes, nobody is waiting for you in Moscow! Dont even think of visiting the city:))

  13. What a beautiful city, great architecture, nice looking people, everyone wants to be at a place like this, love from INDIA 🇮🇳🇷🇺

  14. We spend billions every year to defend against people who are just like us, and the lack of homeless people is very telling.

  15. Я прогулялся по очень хорошо знакомым местам, сотни раз ходил когда-то сам. Удовольствие получил большое, памятник Пушкину и к-т Россия никуда не делись, а вот что случилось с Маяковским на Садовом кольце я не знаю – не показали его, и всё тут. А в общем все то же что в моё время кроме людей которые в большинстве родились уже после меня.

    1. У меня есть Тверская и с другой стороны, там Маяквоская площадь, можете посмотреть по этой ссылке:

  16. ШУТКА ПРО РУССКИХ ЖЕНЩИН:Если ты со всех сторон окружен врагами -я буду рядом молча подавать тебе патроны

  17. You must be a guy cause I dont see any Russian men checking you out.

  18. Я люблю этот город вязевый,
    Пусть обрюзг он и пусть одрях.
    Золотая дремотная Азия
    Опочила на куполах.

    А когда ночью светит месяц,
    Когда светит… чёрт знает как!
    Я иду, головою свесясь,
    Переулком в знакомый кабак.
    Сергей Есенин 1922 г.

  19. After watching this…
    United States is a jOkE…🇺🇸🕳

  20. Moscow is a special magnetism. Once to live there youll never forget.

  21. Recalled me the trip in Russia years ago, stayed in Moscow for 5 days and walking along Tverskaya Street to the red square for a couple of time, even in the late night. To be honest, we were worried about the safety issue before going to Russia, but soon found the worry was unnecessary. Russian people seams passive and indifference, but every time when we lost and need help from people in the streets they all willing to help and very patient. It was a nice experience.

  22. Compared to where I live Portland Oregon this is a much better place. No homeless, garbage, graffiti, sirens, and that constant tension in the air.

  23. Был в Москве десятки раз, но после того, как Россия оккупировала часть моей страны – туда ни ногой!

    1. Вы окупировали часть моего Луганска .Вы не щадите никого ,не женщин ,не детей.

  24. just noticed not one black person, not one asian person, not one pacific islander, not one homeless person, not one street pan handler. definitely not a metropolitan city. looks as clean as singapore streets, love it. would like to visit some day

  25. Notice that not everyone absorbed in using a mobile telephone. Also nice to see a very cl an city not being overrun by economic migrants , begging and using the street as a toilet. Well done Moscow.

  26. Seems like a nice place. Clean and organized with signs of those who must have a decent income.

    Now for the truth.

    The food that you are forced to buy will kill you in Soviet Russia.

    Its your choice starve or die because you are eating food that is filled with poison.

    Food grown organically has to be purchased at a very high dollar rate.

    Wanna take a bath and wash your hair in Soviet Russia?

    Good Luck. You get what you buy there and what that is well its poison.

    You will live a short life just taking a shower in Soviet Russia because what they want you to buy to clean your self is toxic.

    Videos here on youtube explained this but I think have been removed.

    There is no freedom of speech in Soviet Russia.

    When youre Russian youre not around long enough for anyone to worry about taking care of when you are old. In Soviet Russia you wont live long enough for anyone to be bothered with such trivial matters. ….

  27. Far better and clean than every western cities, and western politics wants destroy them. Is it envy for that we were and no more?

  28. Hmm. I live in the American obesity mecca. I couldnt help but notice not many women here in the big city were overweight or obese. Wonderful.

  29. Qué hermosa y limpia ciudad. ¡Sin vendedores ambulantes! 🇨🇱

  30. If you watch on a massive 4k screen, whilst walking on a treadmill, smoking a massive spliff, and listening to quality tunes, its almost like being there!

  31. Walked through the same street till Red Square. Loved it so much! Thanks a lot for having reminded me of all those dear memories!

  32. Achar mulher bonita longe da praia e baladas é com achar uma agulha no palheiro …kk

  33. Москва-отстой.Покажите зимой.Мне это еще в 1985-86 году не понравилось,потом в 1988-89, потом в 1995-99, 2001-2002.Больше не хочу)

  34. I wouldnt mind living out the rest of my days in Moscow; it would be better than New York City, at least in terms of safety and crime!

    1. @Roger McIntyre
      Ok Mon Ami but it was easy to guess that you hadn’t if you comment was anything to go by.

    2. @Jack Kruese FYI, I’ve been two times in Russia, not in Moscow. So, shut your smart ass mouth!!!

    3. Have you been there ? By reading your comment I’m guessing you haven’t.

  35. Минуты за девушкой в обтягивающем красном платье самые интересные 🙂


  37. As Billy Joel stated in his concert there, they are not the enemy.

  38. The women have really great fashion sense in this country. The men have… none.

  39. Just like the West but much, much cleaner — with more interesting architecture than many Western cities.

  40. 멋진 건물과 사람들이네요~러시아와 한국은 동아시아에서 가장 좋은 파트너라고 생각합니다.멀지않은 미래에 큰 성과를 낼수있다고 생각합니다. 한국사람들은 러시아를 좋아합니다.

  41. Well done! Like others, I noticed a really nice, clean city all the way to the street gutters. The people are all stylish, look healthy, no obese whales in motorized chairs.
    Note how well maintained the streets are. No aggressive panhandlers hanging out everywhere.
    Traffic still looked sort of hairy…
    Im glad I stumbled into this. It was extremely informative.
    The sad truth: no American city of the same size would ever be as nice. WTF are we doing?

  42. Москва, не только самый большой город Европы, но и самый богатый. Бюджет Москвы больше Лондона. А , судя, по дорогим авто, то и люди здесь живут не бедные

  43. Beautiful city. I was kind of surprised to see so many phones in their hands, I dont know why except that I picture Russians as more private people than the westerners are.. constantly texting non stop.

    1. Life on Instagram is much more beautiful and interesting than real life.

  44. бедные, несчастные люди… как же их достал уже этот проклятый кровавый режим))

  45. i have to say for a major city it is very clean and the people do look healthier the people in large cities in America, a least what this video shows

  46. Is it me or there was not 1 black person during this whole walk in this video 🙂 ? Very clean city and people going about their business just like any other big city. I want to visit Moscow someday.

  47. Nossa,o povo russo hoje em dia deve ser bem rico na sua maioria,pois só vejo carros top nas ruas !

  48. New friend here from Hong Kong. Very beautiful place and I love the architecture.

  49. Looks like a very clean city.
    Not like many countries from europe and eeuu that thanks to the immigration have their cities dirty.

  50. Much much better than any latino american country…Beautiful city

    1. Moscow, St.Pete., Vladivostok make western cities look like pigsties.
      Also, the Russian cities are in excellent repair, despite vicious winters, unlike the crumbling cities in North America.
      And, I see no homeless people loitering about in Russia.

  51. кондиционеры на исторических фасадах лютый трэш, обезображиваются фасады зданий. Бородавки на лице города неужели приятно самому Собянину на это всё смотреть.

  52. Thats some serious walking. It reminds me of the USA in the 1960s. We would walk everywhere to avoid paying for a bus and we did. We need to get back into this. I dont see any overweight people, why? Because they walk instead of getting in their car to drive a block to get where they are going. Thats our problem in America today, we turned lazy. And it shows in our bodies.

  53. The streets are clean & beautiful.
    I’m amazed
    No fat people

  54. So beautiful my dream to go Russia so bad love from Dubai 🥰😊🤍

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